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The Corporate Event Magician

Simon Alexander

A corporate entertainer with over fifteen-hundred previous performances to date.  A full Member of The Magic Circle who has been awarded The Silver Star for Performance Excellence.  You can be confident that your event is in safe hands.
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So you’re organising a corporate event and you’re looking for great entertainment. Something to an extra dimension to the occasion. Something to reflect well on your organisation and on YOU as the booker. You want your guests to be in safe hands and for EVERYONE to be delighted with your choice of corporate entertainment.

Phew! You’ve found The Corporate Event Magician: a skilled and experienced corporate entertainer who will take the time to understand your company and your event and provide the perfect bespoke entertainment package for you.

Whether you’re organising a small soiree to thank a handful of staff, or a sprawling corporate banquet catering for hundreds, read on to see how The Corporate Event Magician can help your event to shine.

Who Is The Corporate Event Magician?
Corporate Event Magician Performs Table Magic
Simon Alexander is a corporate entertainer with over fifteen-hundred previous performances to date.  You can be sure that you’re in the hands of a seasoned professional. Simon is a full Member of The Magic Circle and has been awarded The Silver Star for Performance Excellence.
Simon performs his magic across the UK and internationally.  He can perform eye-popping close-up magic to individual groups or provide an astonishing magic presentation to all of your guests from a stage.
As well as English, he can perform competently in French and also has a smattering of European languages, so his close-up magic is ideal for an international audience.
What Do You Want From Your Entertainment?
Every event is different.  Sometimes you’ll simply want some great fun astonishing entertainment to get your guests talking, bonding and laughing.  Other times you may want to reinforce your brand or underline a corporate message.  Perhaps you’d like to use magic within a training or team-building exercise.  Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll want a performer with the experience of working with companies just like yours.
Having performed at many hundreds of corporate events, The Corporate Event Magician has worked his magic for pretty much every conceivable type of business.  From small private enterprises to huge multinationals such as Sky, The BBC, HSBC, Samsung and BP.
From Software to Soft Drinks and from Banking to Baking.  the Corporate Event Magician can adapt his style to reflect your industry and to complement your brand.
For peace of mind, check out a selection of reviews and testimonials from previous corporate clients.
Corporate Event Magician On The Stage
How Is Corporate Event Magic Different?
Corporate Event Magician Peforms Close-Up Magic
When working at private events, magicians must often be “jacks-of-all-trades”. Weddings and private parties will often cater for adults, children, adolescents and the very elderly.
These groups can have very different needs and expectations, so the magic can end up being a bit of a compromise; something to hopefully please everyone.  But as with all compromises, it can also mean that no-one gets what they really want.
The Corporate Event Magician specialises in sophisticated, intelligent magic that’s aimed at grown-ups.  From blistering sleight-of-hand with borrowed objects, to eye-popping gambling demonstrations.  From mind-bending mentalism and psychological magic to astounding telekinesis.
This is world-class, award-winning entertainment that will quite simply, leave your guests speechless.
What Will You Receive?
It goes without saying that your guests will enjoy some world-class magic from one of the country’s leading corporate entertainers. But, on top of that you will enjoy:
  • A full consultation to tailor the entertainment to your event.
  • A straightforward online booking process.
  • A professional contract to ensure that you receive exactly what you’re expecting.
  • Public Liability Insurance cover of £10 million.
  • A post-event quality briefing to ensure that you were 100% satisfied.
Contact The Corporate Event Magician to find out more about how your event could benefit from some professional performance magic.
Corporate Event Magician Performs Close-Up Magic
Client Portfolio
Below is a selection of clients who have enjoyed great entertainment from The Corporate Events Magician. To find out what they think, check out Simon’s Corporate Testimonials.